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Transform Your Youth Ministry with Engaging Curriculum Videos

Empower your youth pastors, volunteers, and students with dynamic teaching and training designed to ignite faith and foster meaningful discussions.



We're passionate about supporting and equipping youth ministries. Our curriculum videos are crafted to spark meaningful conversations and deepen spiritual growth among both your students and volunteers.

Dive into the Teaching Videos

Why Use Youth Group Talks?

With every purchase you'll immediately receive a download link for the videos along with small group questions that empower you to unpack the teaching with your students.

Easy to Use

Our videos are designed to capture the attention of your students with a wide variety of communicators, which makes your teaching time more inviting.

Engaging Content

Spark meaningful conversations that resonate with young people, addressing real-life issues and pointing them toward Christ.

Impactful Discussions

By freeing up time typically spent on sermon planning, you can focus on building authentic relationships with your team and your students and point them to Christ.

Enhance Connection

Curriculum to Train Your Youth Group Volunteers

Train Your Volunteers

Plug and play training videos ready to encourage and equip your team.

Video Teaching for your Youth Group

Teach Your Students

Youth group video talks that are ready to download and play in any context.

Worship Session at Youth Worker Conference


Empowering Youth Workers to help the next generation know Jesus.

Listen to the Volunteer Youth Worker Podcast!

Youth Ministries rise and fall on the team of volunteers, so this podcast is for the WHOLE team! Join the conversation as we tackle the practical questions you're asking so you can be encouraged and equipped as you head into your role in your youth ministry this week.

Volunteer Youth Worker Podcast on Spotify

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Youth Pastors being trained at Youth Worker Conference
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