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Empower Your Students with Engaging Video Lessons

Let us help you lead students in a growing relationship with Jesus using our curated video content

Students at youth group listening to a message

Teach Your Students

Youth group video talks that are ready to download and play in any context.

The Life You Long For - Youth Group Curriculumhe li

The Life You Long For

with Aliza Latta

Praying Through Psalm 23 - Youth Group Curriculum

Praying Through Psalm 23

with Spencer Conway

Better Together - Youth Group Curriculum

Better Together

with Peter Bakunda

The Problem of Suffering - Youth Group Curriculum

The Problem of Suffering

with Kiara Moshansky

How He Loves - Youth Group Curriculum

How He Loves

with Elisa Humphreys

You Are Loved - Youth Group Curriculum

You Are Loved

with Ben Woodman

Face to Face with Jesus - Youth Group Curriculum

Face to Face with Jesus

with Kaitlin Brennan

Character by Design - Youth Group Curriculum

Character by Design

with Chris Williams

You Have Purpose

with Lydia Kidd

Looking for Training to Equip Your Volunteers?

Check out our engaging volunteer teachings! 

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