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You Are Loved

with Ben Woodman

Video Package $20

You Are Loved - Ben Woodman Youth Group Series

About the Series

In this 2-part series with Ben Woodman, we are going to look at how God feels towards us. Hint: He LOVES us. We will look at different stories from the Bible to open up these ideas and wrestle with what God is like, how He feels towards us, and how we can experience that for ourselves. The hope is that the truth about how much God loves us can sink a little bit deeper from our heads into our hearts.

Your purchase also includes small group questions, making it a ready-to-use resource for youth workers. Feel free to access a full preview of this teaching video below to make sure that it fits for your group.

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And if you just don't have resources for your ministry, you can always use code WENEEDABREAK to access this series for free.

*Every dollar spent on these resources goes back into creating more series like this.*

Buy the Series Now!

Video Package $20

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