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Equip Your Volunteers to Better Serve Your Students

Elevate your ministry with our training videos, equipping volunteers to make a lasting impact in the lives of your students.

Youth Ministry Volunteers attending a Training Session

Train Your Volunteers

Plug and play training videos ready to encourage and equip your team.

10 Essentials for Youth Ministry - Youth Ministry Training

10 Essentials for Youth Ministry

Want your youth ministry team trained and ready for the next ministry season? We’re here to help! The 10 Essentials for Youth Ministry will equip your team by answering the critical questions they are asking.

4 Core Responsibilities of a Youth Worker - Youth Ministry Training

4 Core Responsibilities of a Youth Worker

You care about the faith of the next generation – that’s why you are a youth worker. 

Join Sid Koop and Jason Ballard as they unpack the 4 Core Responsibilities of every youth worker in this five-part video series. No matter what your program looks like, these responsibilities will give you a clearer vision for what you are called to do and the confidence to carry it out.

Looking for Teaching to Empower Your Students?

Check out our engaging student curriculum! 

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